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The Waterboys

Room To Roam 2CD Album (Remastered Edition 2008)

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Release Date: 11/08/2008

Discs: 2

After making Fisherman’s Blues, Mike Scott stayed on in Ireland and added musicians, turning the Waterboys into a seven-piece folkrock orchestra. Room To Roam is the album this line up made in County Galway, and its music is a cross between celtic folk and psychedelic pop, with a pronounced Beatles influence sitting comfortably alongside the jigs and reels. The album has a seamless quality, with tracks running into each other, and, like the location of its making, is a magical world unto itself. Musicians include: Steve Wickham, Anthony Thistlethwaite, Trevor Hutchinson, Sharon Shannon, Colin Blakey and Noel Bridgeman. This 2CD remastered edition, released in August 2008, includes a bonus album of extra music recorded during the sessions, 17 additional tracks in total, with the same organic, seamless feel as the main album. Also included is an extended booklet with new sleevenotes by Mike Scott, full track by track player credits and previously unseen photographs.

Disc 1

1. In Search Of A Rose
2. Song From The End Of The World
3. A Man Is In Love
4. Bigger Picture
5. Natural Bridge Blues
6. Something That Is Gone
7. The Star And The Sea
8. A Life Of Sundays
9. Islandman
10. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy
11. How Long Will I Love You
12. Upon The Wind And Waves
13. Spring Comes To Spiddal
14. The Trip To Broadford
15. Further Up Further In
16. Room To Roam
17. The Kings Of Kerry

Disc 2

1. In Search Of A Rose (Full Band)
2. My Morag (The Exile's Dream)
3. A Man Is In Love (Alternate)
4. The Wyndy Wyndy Road
5. Three Ships
6. Sunny Sailor Boy
7. Sponsored Pedal Pusher's Blues
8. The Wayward Wind
9. Danny Murphy / Florence
10. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy (Live)
11. Custer's Blues (Live)
12. Twa Recruitin' Sergeants (Live)
13. A Reel And A Stomp In The Kitchen
14. Down By The Sally Gardens
15. A Strathspey In The Rain At Dawn
16. A Song For The Life
17. The Kings Of Kerry (Outdoor)