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The Waterboys

The Waterboys CD Album (Remastered)

CD £5.99

Release Date: 11/03/2002

Discs: 1

The Waterboys: Mike Scott (vocals, acoustic guitar, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, piano); Anthony Thistlewaite (saxophone, percussion); Steven W. Tayler (keyboards, bass, programming, background vocals); Nick Linden (bass, background vocals); Kevin Wilkinson (drums, background vocals); Ray Massey (drums). Engineers: Jim Preen, Steven W. Tayler, Jason Strokes. Includes liner notes by Mike Scott. Digitally remastered by Mike Scott and Chris Blair (Abbey Road, London, England).

1. December
2. Girl Called Johnny
3. Three Day Man
4. Gala (unedited)
5. Where Are You Now When I Need You
6. I Will Not Follow
7. It Should Have Been You
8. Girl In The Swing
9. Savage Earth Heart
10. Something Fantastic (previously unreleased/bonus track)
11. Ready For The Monkeyhouse (bonus track)
12. Another Kind Of Circus (previously unreleased/bonus track)
13. Boy In Black Leather (previously unreleased/bonus track)
14. December (original 8-track mix/previously unreleased - bonus track)
15. Jack Of Diamonds (previously unreleased/bonus track)