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Waterboys (The)

A Rock In The Weary Land CD Album

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Release Date: 25/09/2000

Discs: 1

Seven years after the last Waterboys album, Mike Scott revived the band's identity with this massive audio feast recorded in pre-millenial London. A Rock features the full scope of what Scott termed 'sonic rock'. effects, beats, samples, distorted guitars and voices, gospel choirs - and one of his best ever collections of songs. The album was rightly acclaimed on its release as a major comeback and was termed a 'masterpiece' by the NME. Musicians include Thighpaulsandra, Richard Naiff, Jeremy Stacey, Anthony Thistlethwaite.

1. Let It Happen
2. My Love Is My Rock In The Weary Land
3. It's All Gone
4. Is She Conscious
5. We Are Jonah
6. Malediction
7. Dumbing Down The World
8. His Word Is Not His Bond
9. Night Falls On London
10. Charlatan's Lament
11. Crown
12. Crown