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Mike Scott/The Waterboys

The Whole Of The Moon: The Music Of Mike Scott & The Waterboys CD Album

CD £7.99

Release Date: 14/09/1998

Discs: 1

THE WHOLE OF THE MOON... is a retrospective including previously unreleased material and B-sides. Personnel includes: Mike Scott (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, acoustic & electric pianos, mouth organ, keyboards, bass, rattles, bells, sound effects); Vinnie Kilduff (acoustic guitar); Alec Finn (bouzouki); Anthony Thistlethwaite (acoustic, electric & slide mandolins, mouth organ, saxophone, horns, bass); Marek Lipski (violin); Steve Wickham (fiddle); George Stathos (clarinet); Roddy Lorimer (trumpet, horns, background vocals); Karl Wallinger (acoustic & electric pianos, keyboards, synthesizer, snare drum, cymbals, background vocals); James Hallawel (electric piano, Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards); Colin Blakey (piano); Scott Thunes, Lu (bass); Chris Whitten, Carla Azar, Kevin Wilkinson, Zak Starkey (drums); Bajiri Johnson (congas, rattles, shakers). Producers include: Mike Scott, Bill Price, Mike Glossop, John Brand, Niko Balas. Digitally remastered by Chris Blair (Abbey Road, London, England). In Ireland, they're practically the Beatles, but the Waterboys never achieved the same godlike status in the States, perhaps due to cultural barriers (though leader Mike Scott's continual Dylan fixation makes that theory unlikely). This compilation does a nice job of summing up the group's too-short career. The Waterboys gave birth to both World Party and Mike Scott's even more Dylanesque solo career, but it's the band's glory days that are explored here. The panoramic, yearning "Fisherman's Blues" and the gentle "is this from BLOOD ON THE TRACKS?" lilt of "When Ye Go Away" are as good as '80s folk-rock gets. "The Whole of the Moon" and "The Return of Pan" show the band's way with an epic. There's even a hint of things to come, with the inclusion of a Scott solo track, the spiritually oriented "What Do You Want Me to Do?"

1. Whole Of The Moon
2. Glastonbury Song
3. Medicine Bow
4. Fisherman's Blues
5. Girl Called Johnny (live)
6. Pan Within
7. She Is So Beautiful
8. Rare
9. Precious And Gone
10. Strange Boat
11. Red Army Blues
12. This Is The Sea
13. Higher In Time
14. Return Of Pan
15. What Do You Want Me To Do
16. When Ye Go Anyway
17. Love Anyway