Buy Online The Waterboys - Out Of All This Blue Deluxe (+ A4 Signed Photograph)

The Waterboys

Out Of All This Blue Triple CD Album (+ A4 Signed Photograph)

Deluxe CD £15.00

Release Date: 08/09/2017

Discs: 3

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Disc 1:

1. Do We Choose Who We Love
2. If I Was Your Boyfriend
3. Santa Fe
4. If the Answer Is Yeah
5. Love Walks In
6. Hiphopstrumental 4 (Scatman)
7. New York I Love You
8. The Connemara Fox
9. The Girl in the Window Chair
10. Morning Came Too Soon

Disc 2:

1. The Hammerhead Bar
2. Mister Charisma
3. Nashville, Tennessee
4. Man, What a Woman
5. Kinky's History Lesson
6. Monument
7. Girl in a Kayak
8. Rokudenashiko
9. Didn't We Walk on Water
10. The Elegant Companion
11. Skyclad Lady
12. Yamaben
13. Payo Payo Chin

Disc 3:

1. The Memphis Fox
2. If The Answer Is Yeah (Alternate Version)
3. If I Was Your Boyfriend (Zeenie Mix)
4. Epiphany On Mott Street
5. Didn't We Walk On Water (JessKav Mix)
6. Santa Fe (Instrumental)
7. Payo Payo Chin (Tokyo Hotel)
8. Return To Roppongi Hills
9. Nashville, Tennessee (Live)
10. Mister Charisma (Alterante Version)
11. So In Love With You